Emilio Trad was born in 1959, in Buenos Aires. After he graduated from the school of Fine Arts, he left Argentina and travelled through Europe, in order to complete his artistic culture in all the important museums. In 1982, he decided to settle in Paris, where he still lives for the time being.

In 1992, with his first prize for  painting of the "Paris Salon d'Automne", the galleries were ready to exhibit his work. He received also the first prize in painting of the "Grand Prix de Barbizon" and the first prize of the Taylor Foundation in Paris.His paintings were exhibited in Paris, Buenos Aires, Beirut, The Hague, Brussels, London and Miami.

For the critic Samantha Deman : "The artist uses his intelligence and his masterly skill to express his interior world full of prophecies, haunted by hieratic characters. No trace of aggressiveness in these impassive and fixed gazes who examine you with intensity."(Cimaise december 2008)  The lebanese critic, Joseph Tarrab, wrote : "Emilio Trad seems to set up a platonic idealism where the perceptive world is the reflection of the intelligible world".(L'Orient le jour, 8 février 2000)

In the recent book she wrote about Emilio Trad (Snoeck Publishers, 2008),  Françoise Monnin notices :"Whether he applies fading tints or imagine subtle vibrations, his palette proves to be infinitely varied, and particularly rich in halftones. (…) Colour is applied in a delicate manner, by a brush that flutters around until the limits of the shapes, as well as the surface of the tones, vibrate, and sing."

If Emilio Trad, by his great skill of drawing and colour, is considered by many as a classical painter, if it is true that his work is based on a long pictorial tradition, he demonstrates with each new picture that he is a painter who moves with the times.

The artistic approach of this tireless worker is in constant evolution, always in search of a better and novel visual expression. For instance, in the latest canvases, the painter uses backgrounds of newspapers or fragments of texts that he masterfully integrates in his compositions. 

Career :

1959              Birth in Buenos Aires
1973 – 1977  National School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires
1976              Collective Exhibition, Victorica Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires
1977              Prize with distinction given by the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires
1978              Prize of Painting Fair in Mar del Plata, Argentina
1978-1982     Journey around Europe and United States
1982              Moving in Paris
1983              One-man exhibition, l’Arcade Gallery, Paris
1984              One-man exhibition, l’Atelier 15 Gallery, Paris
1989              "André et Berthe Noufflard " Prize, Fondation de France, Paris
1992              First Prize in painting of the "Paris Salon d’Automne"
1993              19th Fair of Contemporary Art, Monaco
1993              One-man exhibition, Le Breton Gallery, Paris
1994              One-Man exhibition, Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires
1995              One-man exhibition, Le Breton Gallery, Paris
1996              One-man exhibition, Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut
1996              One-man exhibition, Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires
1997              First Prize in painting of the "Grand Prix de Barbizon", France
1997              First Prize of the Taylor Foundation, Paris
1998              One-man exhibition, Francis Barlier Gallery, Paris
1999              One-man exhibition, Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires
1999              One-man exhibition, Visconti Gallery, Paris
2000              One-man exhibition, Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut
2000              "Art Brussels", Brussels
2002              One-man exhibition, Vendôme Gallery, Paris
2002              "Art Brussels", Brussels
2003              One-man exhibition, Claudine Legrand Gallery, Paris
2004              One-man exhibition, Arndean Gallery, London
2004              One-man exhibition, "De Arte" Gallery, Nantes
2006              "International Fair" of Miami", Miami
2006              One-man exhibition, Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut
2006              One-man exhibition, "De Arte" Gallery, Nantes
2007              One-man exhibition, Coppa Oliver Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires
2008              One-man exhibition , Vendôme Gallery, Paris
2008              One-man exhibition, "De Arte" Gallery,Nantes
2010              One-man exhibition,Vendôme Gallery, Paris
2011              One-man exhibition, Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut
2012              “Consul’Art” international fair, Marseille
2013              One-man exhibition, Aïda Cherfan Gallery, Beirut

2017              One-man exhibition, Cheriff Tabet Gallery, Beirut